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Power House Babies

Leader: Wilfredo & Cynthia Contreras


The WHFC Nursery Team counts themselves privileged to serve the most precious of our church members...the children. We provide infants and toddlers ages 0-3 during church services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights with a safe, loving, and spiritually nuturing environment. We also aspire to provide our parents with peace of mind so that they can concentrate fully on the worship and Word being shared at the service knowing their child has been entrusted with caring, responsible, and trustworthy nursery attendants and assistants who only have their child's best interests at heart.

Calendar / Schedule

Our ministry team is working to improve our nursery to the glory of God. Nursery team attendants are trained in the procedures and guidelines we keep in the nursery and are charged with the management of the nursery during each service. They structure and provide for all nursery activities and snacks. Nursery assistants, on the other hand, are charged with enjoying the children. They help provide the much-needed one-to-one interaction by engaging the children in play and serving them when they require assistance.

Our team ministry WILL grow as the church grows, and thus, we are always happy for volunteers! Anyone interested in becoming a nursery assistant must meet certain requirements as determined by Pastors Jaime & Stephanie Gonzalez.


This handbook / information packet is always being revised and improved upon. Please see Mrs. Cynde Contreras if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions.