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The Call

1981 - World Harvest Training Center was conceived in the heart of Pastor Max Boggs by a word from God in December of 1981 as he traveled through the McAllen-Edinburg area on his return from a mission trip to Mexico. That word - “I want you to build a church in this city” – was nurtured in his heart for the next several years. In December of 1983 the Lord confirmed the call to South Texas and placed in Max’s heart the vision, purpose, and name for the ministry.

1984 - In June of 1984 Max and Linda Boggs, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, moved their family of five children from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the Rio Grande Valley leaving behind family and friends for the call of God.

1987 - It was three and a half years later, in October of 1987 and after many months of prayer and perseverance, when the vision came into fruition, and World Harvest Training Center was birthed. Two years previously the Lord had shown Pastor Max the facility to be used for WHTC, and when the time came to begin the new work, the Lord miraculously provided that very building rent free for twenty months. Twenty -seven years later the miracle of provision is continuing and by the grace of God the useable space for ministry has nearly doubled.

From the beginning of the ministry the emphasis was to build strong Word-based believers and families, to raise up and train anointed and capable leadership for every aspect of the ministry, to establish a strong outreach to Mexico through pioneering churches and training leadership, and to develop a global missions strategy for the empowerment of national leaders and churches. We are thankful that by God’s grace and blessing, a strong foundation for success has been laid in these areas.

Today, under the umbrella of World Harvest Training Center, World Harvest Family Church is a dedicated congregation of mature believers who are actively promoting the Kingdom of God, not only in our local community abut also in Mexico and around the world. The entire staff and leadership of the local body and the school are fruit of the teaching of the Word of God and the active discipling of leadership. Practically all began their spiritual journey in World Harvest and have grown up through the process of discipleship here.

Our Mexico outreach, under the leadership of the directors Pastors Jose and Jeanette Andrade, has grown into three strong churches and one mission. In addition, many native leaders and pastors have been trained and placed into position. On the world missions’ front, God has miraculously enabled us to invest over thousands of dollars into various projects over the past two decades. These projects have included the purchasing of several scooters, cycles, and vehicles, investment into airplanes, investment into buildings for ministry, investment into ministry families, and seventeen ministry trips into India, Myanmar, Africa, Honduras, and Bulgaria, as various leaders have sown their lives, anointing and most importantly the living life-changing Word of God. Our congregation has been able to impact literally thousands of lives throughout the world through giving and by taking the Word of God into these nations.

A True Training Center for Ministry

 In 1989 Bert and Becky Wimberly responded to the call of God to Kerrville Texas to establish and pastor what is now Gates of the City Church. They were ordained by the local congregation and sent forth with our blessing. They have been mightily used of God and have established a strong church in Kerrville.
In 1991 our youth pastors, Romeo and Martha Mireles, who are ordained ministers of WHTC, stepped into their calling to establish a youth ministry and church and were sent out by the local congregation with our full blessing. Twenty-three years later their ministry has literally touched and changed many thousands of unchurched youth, and they have established a strong local church, The Rock.

In 1997 Darrel and Nancy Shockley, the youth pastors of WHTC answered the call of God to a full-time ministry to prison inmates. They were ordained and sent out by the congregation and have since been faithful and active in training and discipling hundreds of men in the uncompromised Word of God. 

In the fall of 1999 Harvest Christian Academy was birthed under the leadership of then assistant pastors Jon and Marissa Boggs. Beginning with two teachers and 11 students HCA has now grown into a full pre-school, elementary school and high school with an enrollment of nearly 280 students and 32 staff members (all from the local church body) with a full sports program, 4-H program, school yearbook, cheerleaders, and missions club. In 2009 HCA celebrated its tenth year of ministry to hundreds of children and their families. We also celebrated our first senior graduation with eleven graduates. Harvest Christian Academy is a powerful platform for evangelism and training in the ways of Christ.
 In the Spring of 2006 another field of ministry was birthed when God used Jaime and Stephanie Gonzalez to form Champion Soccer League. At the present time there are over 8  participating schools and over 600 children playing soccer on the campus of WHTC under their leadership and  our faithful helpers. It is a great privilege to invest this effort into the children and families of our local community.
By the leadership of the Holy Spirit assistant pastors Jonathan and Marissa Boggs were ordained as Pastors of the local congregation in 2006. Founding pastors Max and Linda Boggs released the primary responsibility and authority for the local church and Harvest Christian Academy into their hands and they were received as pastors by all the congregation and leaders. Under their anointed and faithful leadership the local church continued growing, the school has grown and excelled, the ministry to the community has blossomed, and the facilities have greatly expanded and improved.
In September 2014, Pastors Jaime and Stephanie Gonzalez were ordained as Pastors of the local congregation as Pastors Jonathan and Marissa Boggs stepped into a new chapter in their life and minsitry by moving to Oklahoma to follow God's leading on their lives.  Pastors Jaime and Stephanie have great vision for the local church, school and outreach ministries of World Harvest Training Center.  We fully expect for great things to continue to come forth from this minsitry.

Founding pastors Max and Linda continue to function as the founders of World Harvest Training Center ministries and as president of the board of directors of the fellowship. They are also the directors of the world outreach ministry. By the leadership and direction of the Holy Spirit they will be spear-heading the expansion of World Harvest Training Center in Southeastern Oklahoma over the next few years. WHTC rejoices in all the mighty miracles of God over the past two decades and marvel at all that the Lord has done! But we know and believe that the World Harvest vision has just begun. The foundation is laid, and now expansion will begin. And the glory will be greater and greater unto the end!