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Missions Directors

Jose and Jeanette Andrade

Jose, Jeanette, and Joshua have served at WHTC since its inception and have been directors of missions for over ten years.  They have taken teams to --and continue to minister in--several areas in Mexico, including Guanajuato (where Jose is from), villages around Llera, Tamps., Ciudad Victoria, and Rio Bravo.   Currently they oversee three churches in Cd. Victoria, Voz Campesina, and Rio Bravo and a mission in Cd. Mante.

The primary objective of this missions ministry is to train up leadership within the local bodies so that they function in all the gifts and operations of the Spirit, and so that they, too, plant churches and raise up leadership, thus enabling the missions team to continue in other parts of Latin America and beyond.

In addition to serving in Mexico, Jose has traveled with other members of the team to minister in Honduras and India.  Others  have ministered in Ghana, Africa.