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Cosecha Mundial Mexico

Leaders: Pastors Jose and Jeanette Andrade

Jose and Jeanette Andrade began missionary work for World Harvest Training Center in 1997 and have established, in addtion to several bible study groups, four growing church bodies in Mexico, one in Rio Bravo, another in Voz Campesina, Ciudad Victoria and another in Ciudad Mante. They visit each of these churches and a mission in Queretaro (a church in the making) regularly to encourage, disciple, train leaders, and teach. If you would like to read about all that's happening at these churches and missions, please sign up to receive Ms. Jeanette's monthly newsletter or to read past newsletters HERE.

To read about the happenings at each of the specific churches, click below: 

Palabra de Poder - Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas

Casa de Oración - Voz Campesina, Tamaulipas

Cosecha Mundial - Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas

Cosecha Mundial - Mante